White Code Centre is established to offer human rights knowledge using audio-visual/multimedia tools.


Starting from World War 2, WCC documents incidents of mass atrocities across the world till present day and we do this not just to create awareness about the atrocities but to ensure we learn from our past in order not to cripple the present and damage the future.


Visiting the Centre, you will be treated to video, photo and artifacts galleries as well as research materials by the WCC team.


Being one of a kind, the Centre is structured to inspire change, foster a culture of accountability and make respect for human dignity common place.



There are 3 ways through which you can be a part of the WCC

Work with Us: if you or your organization would want to work with us on a human rights related project, we are open to such partnerships, as long as they will serve to foster the respect for human rights around the world and will not conflict in any way with our principles at the Centre.

Intern with Us: if you are passionate about human dignity and would love to gain useful experience, we welcome interns at certain times during the year as space is made available. You can contact us to find out more about internship opportunities.

Report to Us: we welcome submission of authentic and verifiable human rights situation reports from around the globe. We have in times past been part of international campaigns to help end atrocities by corporations and governments. Our Communications desk will be glad to analyze your submissions on human rights violation and take the necessary steps of engagement.

If you are interested in what we do, get in touch with us through the details provided on our CONTACT page, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you.

Our logo which is a pawn from the game of chess holds a significant message - it represents the ordinary citizen.

Throughout the years, citizens have been at the receiving end of mass atrocities. Those in authority, who most times due to things they do or fail to do, are responsible for these atrocities, end up being protected by all means even at the cost of the masses. The chipped edges of our logo symbolize the violations and brokenness suffered by citizens.

White Code Centre is about promotingaccountability and the respect for the dignity of every human person by creating awareness on these needless atrocities