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Kusema is a Swahili word which means 'Speak' and Kusema Africa is positioned to do just that: SPEAK! We speak for the future of Africa. We refuse to be quiet about the daily heartbreaking reports of war, conflict, corruption, bad governance and inequality. We will also not be quiet about the excellence found on the African Continent - the colourfully radiant cultures, warmth of her people, as well as ingenuity.

The Kusema Africa Platform is youth driven and youth-centric. It will therefore be open to African youths both on the African continent and in diaspora. It is our firm belief that young Africans have wisdom to offer and this is usually not tapped into by the older generation of leaders.

Africa is our focus because not only are we passionately, proudly and fiercely African, we are also cognizant of statistics which have stated that in less than 3 generations, 41% of the world's youth will be African.

We have chosen to speak because without speaking, people will not be in the know. But when we speak, we spark a debate which will hopefully create lasting change. We only seek to engage on an intellectual level - disseminating African issues from the viewpoint of a young African. The opinions given are presented in video format. To watch the videos, click here.

We will be welcoming contributions to the Kusema Africa series. If you therefore have a burning issue which you want to speak out on, then email us and we will attempt to amplify your statement via the Kusema Africa video series. Email us at whitecodecentre@gmail.com. 

Below are some interesting facts about Africa and its youths as published in the Mo Ibrahim Foundation 2012 report titled African Youth: Fulfilling the Potential

1. By the end of the century, Africa will have the lowest dependency ratio in the world

2. Young Africans are more literate than their parents but more unemployed

3. By 2035, Africa's labour force will be larger than China's

4. The youngest athlete in the 2012 Olympic games was a 13 year-old Togolese swimmer

5. Africa spends more on secondary education than the global average

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Left to Right: Jumai Abioye | Adebayo Okeowo | Nse Umoh Esema | Okikiola Oladele | Omotayo Aweda

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