President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, like her other counterparts in Guinea and Sierra Leone are battling with an epidemic of enormous proportions and scary dimensions. Its not a pretty place to be. Let us feel their pulse, make this personal for each of us and lend a helping hand. If you refuse to care now, the time will come when you will be forced to! Hopefully by then, it won't be too late.

Here is an excerpt of Sirleaf's letter as shared on BBC World Service:

'Ebola is not just a health crisis. Across West Africa, a generation of young people risk being lost to an economic catastrophe as harvests are missed, markets are shut and borders are closed...'

Listen to the full content here:…/a-letter-to-the-world-on-ebola-fro…

And watch here a video calling on African States to do better: