25 Years ago when the Berlin wall fell was a defining moment for Germany and the world. Loved ones who had up until then been separated by the wall were reunited. It was an incredible moment as the people tore down the wall piece by piece. Pictured here is a file photo showing a West German girl hammering at the wall with a stone.

Here is a profound statement by President Obama when he paid a visit in June 2013:

"The fact that we can stand here today, along the fault line where a city was divided, speaks to an eternal truth: No wall can stand against the yearning of justice, the yearnings for freedom, the yearnings for peace that burns in the human heart,"

Below are some quick facts about the Berlin Wall which we sourced fromCNN.com:

The wall evolved from a temporary border of barbed wire fencing to a heavily fortified, concrete barrier with numerous guards, tank traps and other obstacles.

Wires and mines were buried underneath the surface to prevent escape attempts; pipes on top of the wall prevented it from being scaled.

Over 100,000 people attempted to escape over the wall. Between 5,000 and 10,000 succeeded.

Approximately 200 people were killed while trying to escape; many of them were shot by guards or had a fatal accident.

Buildings behind the barriers were demolished, and the wide open area became known as "no man's land" or the "death strip," where guards in more than 300 sentry towers could shoot anyone trying to escape.

Sections of the fallen wall may be viewed at NATO Headquarters in Belgium, midtown Manhattan, and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.