At our core is human dignity

White Code Centre is a Non-Profit organisation registered in South Africa and working across Africa on issues of human rights, social justice, youth empowerment, good governance and the Africa-project (reshaping the global image of Africa). We are engineered to inspire change, foster a culture of accountability and make the respect for human rights common place.

What makes us distinct is that our work is achieved using multi-media tools - from videos to designs, pictures, art works (drawings & paintings), music and more. 

We stay focused in the pursuit of the following goals:

  1. Driving changes in policy, attitudes and perceptions through provocative images and sounds.
  2. Enhancing the understanding of human rights law and making it more relatable to non-lawyers and non-activists.
  3. Embarking on activities which seek to empower young people to become change agents in Africa.

The Power of Sight

When it comes to visuals, that is a language everybody understands. As an organization, White Code Centre uses photos, videos, designs, music and art to communicate issues of law, human rights and social justice.

WCC Logo.png

Our Logo

Our logo tells a story: the pawn represents ordinary citizens who we seek to empower with the right knowledge that will enable them demand accountability from their governments.The damaged edges of our logo represents the unfortunate state of human dignity - broken, ignored and violated. We hope to change that.


Connect with us

There are numerous ways through which you can be a part of what we do. Some of these include: partnerships, internships, sponsorships and more. Please write to us to tell us how you'll love to create with us. Or you can simply just write to us to tell us how our work has inspired you.