The White Code Centre team is made up of highly motivated Africans who have demonstrated considerable passion for change and development in Africa. These are the minds and hands behind what goes on at the White Code Centre:

Adebayo Okeowo (Founder)

Bayo is a  lawyer whose passion is poured into defending the ordinary citizen from human rights abuses. His professional experience cuts across organizations such as Centre for Human Rights (South Africa), Global Rights (Nigeria), the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative and more. He is a DAAD Scholar and a recipient of several awards in Africa and Europe.

His expertise in the area of law and digital media has made him a resource person for establishments such as the U.S. embassy in South Africa and the YALI Regional Leadership Centre in Southern Africa.

Bayo holds an LL.M from the University of Pretoria and is also an alumnus of the International Institute of Human Rights, Strasbourg France. His desire to see a better world for all led to his creating the White Code Centre. Twitter: @AdebayOkeowo

Tomi Okeowo (Outreach Coordinator)

Tomi has an extensive background in Women's Rights after having worked for UN Women for a number of years. She holds a Master's in Development Management from the University of Manchester, UK. She has spent substantial time creating initiatives geared towards the empowerment of girls and young women.

Twitter: @sodeibukuntomi

Nse Umoh (Communications Manager)

Nse is an urban planner with a passion for making cities more equitable and inclusive places. She is a graduate of MIT's Masters in City Planning Program where she focused a lot of her work on cities in the Global South. She is currently working with the Rockefeller Foundation under its 100 Resilient Cities project. Nse is obsessed with consuming and producing compelling multi-media stories about life in cities around the world.

Twitter: @nseabasiumoh


Ashiwel O. Ochui (Programmes Manager)

Ashiwel is a Designer and Customer Experience Consultant. He has consulted for top local and international businesses, helping them to evolve their brands and build delightful customer experiences. Originally trained as a Lawyer, Ashiwel manages marketing and creative strategy for the Mixta Africa SA Group, overseeing a portfolio of 15 brands. In his spare time, he researches authentic brands and how they converse with their audiences. He is an exceptional writer, and a lover of books. 

Twitter: @hey_ashiwel

Omotayo Aweda (Campaign Manager)

Omotayo is a graduate of the George Washington University where she majored in Human Services and Social Justice and double minored in Public Health, and Health and Wellness. She’s gained remarkable experience working with a number of local non-profits in the Washington DC area particularly addressing issues of poverty, and youth development. Her joy comes from making others smile. You can find her wandering around with her camera, appreciating and documenting life in all it’s forms.

Twitter: @MsOmotee

Jehoshaphat Njau (Legal Advisor)

Jo' as he is fondly called by many, is a South African Attorney, a human rights activist and a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur. He has expertise in Corporate and Securities Law, a field from which he holds an LLM, obtained from the University of Pretoria.

Maryam Dan-Habu (Project Coordinator - GREY Series)

Maryam joined the White Code Centre in 2017 as an intern and in 2018 took on the role of Project Coordinator for the GREY Series -  our periodic podcast addressing issues of law, human rights and social justice. She also occasionally features on the KUSEMA Africa project. Maryam is a graduate of Law from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. During her undergraduate years, she held a number of leadership and executive roles including that of Student Ambassador. Maryam is an articulate and multi-talented individual. 

Twitter: @mdanhabu_


We believe in working together because then we are able to reach farther. We therefore welcome new partnerships. Here are the organisations we are privileged to currently be in partnership with: