There is a water levels and this is due to human activity that is rapidly driving climate change. What is more shocking is that pollution in one part of the world affects all of us! For example, research has shown that the rise in Asia's pollution is influencing world weather patterns

It is for this reason that White Code Centre, inspired by the #Energy21SA conference, created the designs here as a reminder of what will happen to our world if we ignore the signs of climate change. From Egypt's pyramids to Dubai's skyscrapers and America's Statue of Liberty, here is what we might be in for IF we don't make drastic changes.

Poster designs by Ashiwel

Renewable energy (such as solar, wind and hydro) is deemed as one of the ways of combating climate change. Relying more on Renewable Energy for our power needs not only makes financial sense, it also helps preserve planet earth. We encourage you to do your bit NOW because the marathon of change cannot be run while sitting down.

Header design by Okizle

You can also check out the amazing video campaign made by Prince Ea on the impact of Climate Change