Starting from 11 February 2016, the University of Pretoria had to beef up security at its campuses following a violent clash between black students who wanted Afrikaans to be eliminated as a language of instruction at the University and white students who were in favour of keeping Afrikaans as an institutional language.

The bloc canvassing that #AfrikaansMustFall argue that Afrikaans is a language of oppression, used during apartheid and which continues to favour a minority on campus. As such they rejected the University's proposal to include a 'black' language: Sepedi. But rather insisted that everyone should be taught in English.

On the other side of the divide were those demanding for Afrikaans to remain as they have a right to be taught in their mother tongue. Besides, they say that demanding for Afrikaans to fall is tantamount to launching an attack on their culture.

At this point, after a week-long University shut down and other ugly incidences (such as arrests of and attacks on students), we get some students to speak up about why they take a stand for or against Afrikaans, and why.