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My Lady - poetry video featuring Puno Selesho

South Africa continues to endure a rape crisis with the level of documented sexual abuse cases standing at 147 per day (according to 2015 SAPS statistics). This is of course believed to be a conservative number considering that most cases of sexual abuse go unreported. No matter the numbers though, it is unacceptable that anyone will be subjected to rape or any other form of sexual abuse.

We therefore worked with South African poet - Puno Selesho - to visually and lyrically address this issue. Puno's dynamic voice carries a message of change and challenges South Africa to man up! 

Through this poem titled MY LADY, Puno calls on women not to allow their pain hold them down but to let their glorious presence to be unfurled. And to the men, she says: Don't be known for the way you use your waist and your fists. But be known for the way you kiss her scars with your lips. Every line is deliberate and very powerful!